Let’s start Kotlin Programming

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WTF! I don’t even know Java completely

Don’t worry if you’re still struggling with Java while developing your apps. Like most of the people, you must have become overwhelmed while writing code. The good news is Android Resource has come with Kotlin for beginners – A series like no other.

We will explain everything you need to know about Kotlin, right from basics to advanced and also give you insights about real-world apps.

Java developer who started learning at the age of 15!

Let’s look at the agenda for the series:

  1. Kotlin for Beginners – Part 1: Environment Setup, Variables, Data Types, Operators, Comments
  2. Kotlin for Beginners – Part 2: Flow of Control, Functions, and Arrays
  3. Kotlin for Beginners – Part 3: Exception Handling and Null Safety
  4. Kotlin for Beginners – Part 4: Collections and related concepts
  5. Kotlin for Beginners – Part 5: OOPS
  6. Kotlin for Beginners – Part 6: Miscellaneous concepts

After all of the above concepts, we will start for Kotlin for Android Intermediate series which will help you understand how to use Kotlin while developing apps. Stay tuned for more cool stuff.

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